Task Resolution

In Hack100, a Task Roll is required for any action that has a non-negligible chance and consequence of failure. A routine activity such as walking up a flight of stairs would not require a Task Roll. Running down a flight of stairs whilst pursued by an enemy probably would – there would be a chance of stumbling with the possible consequence of injury. Another consequence of failing a task might be lost time, e.g. repeated failures to pick a lock.

The procedure for performing a Task Roll is as follows:

  1. Select the Ability or Specialism that is most relevant to the task at hand. This is the base Target Percentage.
  2. The Referee may then adjust the base Target Percentage by a Difficulty Modifier.
  3. Roll 1d100. If the roll is less than or equal to the Modified Target Percentage, the task is successful.
  4. A roll of 01-05 is always successful. A roll of 96-00 is always a failure.
  5. A roll that is a success and a double is a Critical (e.g. 11, 22) and brings extra benefits. A roll that is a failure and a double (e.g. 77, 99) is a Fumble and there will be additional consequences.

It can be seen that Hack100 is entirely conventional in its approach to Task Rolls. Most other d100 systems have a near-identical approach. In the upcoming blogs, I’ll provide some further commentary on specific aspects of Task Rolls including Difficulty Modifiers, Criticals & Fumbles, and Opposed Tasks in which two competing rolls are compared (e.g. Perception versus Stealth).

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