The “Arcane” and “Spiritual” Abilities

In drafting the recent blogs on Hack100’s Powers, it has become increasingly clear that there is the potential for substantial overlap between Specialities/Powers and the “Arcane” and “Spiritual” Abilities.

As a reminder, the Arcane Ability represents a character’s understanding of matters mysterious. Depending upon the setting of the game, this might include magic, the occult or highly advanced technology.

The Spiritual Ability is a measure of a character’s attunement to their belief system, whether that’s religious, philosophical, or something else. The higher a character’s Spiritual Ability, the more likely they are to derive benefits from their belief system, e.g. having their prayers answered, or being able to perform “miracles”

However, any character for whom such Abilities are likely to have a meaningful impact on the game can better accommodate them with a suitable Specialism or Power. Therefore, in keeping with Hack100’s “streamlined” philosophy, I am going to remove these two Abilities, bringing the total number down to ten.

I’ll make this update in the next release.

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Hello, I've really fallen in-love with what you've outlined so far in your blogs here. I think this is the exactly the changes I wanted in a d100 game. Have there been any further updates since now on the project and is it still in development?

Thanks for the feedback. It's still in development, ticking away in the background, although admittedly it's been a bit quiet recently (I've been playing around with different styles of presentation). Release 0.04 is in the pipeline, which will add in the Chapter on Powers. The main remaining areas that I plan to look at are Character Improvement, Adversaries (monsters, etc.), and a final section on Optional Rules.

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