Optional Rules Player Characters

Dwarfs, Elves & Halflings (and Ducks, Aliens, etc.) in Hack100

Hack100’s core rules assume that player characters are human or human-like. However, in some game genres, particularly fantasy and science fiction, non-human characters may be an option.

The easiest way to accommodate non-human characters is by employing the same Modified Abilities and Innate Characteristics used for Non-Player Characters. 

For example, the table below presents Modified Starting Abilities for the classic fantasy non-humans. The modifications accentuate their archetypes, so: 

  • Dwarfs are strong and tough but not particularly agile or stealthy.
  • Elves are nimble and perceptive but slight and somewhat cold and aloof.
  • Halflings are inconspicuous and surprisingly strong-willed. However, their lack of size and strength is a disadvantage in melee combat.  

Innate Characteristics can be used to capture other non-human traits. For example, dwarfs and elves typically have Night Vision.

Generous Referees might also allow additional non-human innate Specialisms at a suitable percentage, e.g. Forest Lore for elves, Stone Lore for Dwarfs, etc.

Oh, yes, and what about those Ducks? How about Strength 2d10+10% (due to their diminutive size), Influence 2d10+10% (they find it difficult to get people to take them seriously), Stealth and Toughness both 2d10+30% (they’re surprisingly sneaky and hardy) and a bonus innate Specialism of Swim at 70%.

As for the aliens, whether lupine, leonine or otherwise, you’re on your own.

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