What Next for Hack100?

With the release of the Hack100 core rules, it’s time to consider what to do next. I’m keen to build upon the momentum generated by the launch that saw around 500 downloads in the first three weeks.

There are three areas in which I see scope for additional content.

More Optional Rules

With such a purposefully concise ruleset, there are inevitably lots of rules options that I could have included but ultimately omitted for the sake of brevity. The plan is to plug such gaps with short supplements that sit alongside the core rules and which can be mixed and matched accordingly.

My model for this will be the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game. BFRPG was my gateway back into role-playing games following my “deep freeze”. It is an exemplar of how to collate additional content, much of it community created, to support and expand a core game.

I have some ideas for additional short rules supplements, but if anyone has any suggestions for what they would like to see, please get in touch.

Conversion Notes for Specific Games or Settings

The 4th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay was one of the primary catalysts for Hack100. I love the Old World setting. I’m less enamoured with the 4th Edition ruleset.

Hack100 allows me to run WFRP adventures without worrying about the complexities of the rules. In future blogs, I will present guidelines for running WFRP and other systems using Hack100. The aim will be to retain the flavour of the original games, settings and adventures, whilst running them with significantly less crunch.


Finally, I’d like to work on some adventures for Hack100 that showcase the system. Alongside these, I will describe a “toolkit” approach to developing and running adventures. Think of it as a “Referees” section, something not included in the core rulebook.

If anyone has any further suggestions regarding what they would like to see for Hack100 moving forward, please get in touch via the Discord server, or by commenting below.

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