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Revisiting Backgrounds and Motivations in Hack100

In an earlier blog, we briefly discussed one-sentence character backgrounds and motivations and how they can be an effective way of summarising a character and providing plot hooks without the need for lengthy backstories.

In the current reorganisation and editing of the Hack100 core rules, I’ve promoted this aspect so that it becomes the very first stage of character creation. I have also provided a simple table for generating random example backgrounds and motivations for those needing inspiration. Here’s a copy of that table …

A table for randomly generating character backgrounds and motivations in Hack100

So, by way of an example, let’s suppose we rolled a 9, 10, 3 and 5. This would give us.

A vengeful soldier escaping a specific organisation [details].

That should get the creative juices flowing. Why are they seeking revenge? What is the organisation they are escaping from? Maybe they are deserting their army? Or were they taken by an enemy during a past mission and are now fleeing their captors?

Obviously, not all of the combinations arising from the table will necessarily make sense, so adjust, elaborate or re-roll accordingly.

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