Hack100 Release 0.05

And so we reach something of a milestone – the first release of a complete draft of the core rules.

Since the last release, I’ve added new chapters on “Improvement” and “Non-Player Characters” based on the recent blogs. An index and some artwork have also been included as finishing touches.

In terms of layout, I’ve stuck with the Old School Essentials inspired approach. This has been very successful in reducing the page count. Compared to release 0.04, we’re down from 37 pages to just 27, despite having more content.

Finally, I’ve updated some of the terminologies to make them more familiar in a gaming context. Major Successes and Failures have reverted to Criticals and Fumbles respectively, and the Hand-to-Hand Ability is now called Melee.

Any comments, suggestions, typo spots, or other types of feedback are most welcome. The easiest ways to get in touch are via the Discord server or by email at You’ll also find us on Twitter.

Moving forward, I’ll now be looking at some optional rules that may be useful additions for certain styles of play.

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