Catching Rats & Robbing Graves – Release 0.02

Release 0.02 of “Catching Rats & Robbing Graves”, the Hack100 supplement that provides guidelines for running WFRP-style games, is now available for download.

This is a complete first draft. The document is still a little rough around the edges. It’s lacking any artwork and the layout needs tidying up. But the text is all there.

For anyone with a passing familiarity with WFRP and Hack100, it should all be fairly self-explanatory:

  • WFRP’s attributes are mapped to Hack100’s existing ten Abilities.
  • Careers are handled as Hack100 Specialisms.
  • Hack100’s optional Luck Points are used as a substitute for Fate Points.
  • There are some minor updates to the combat rules, including the introduction of blackpowder weapons, guidelines on handling fear, and an updated critical hits table.
  • The optional Corruption rules from Hack100 become a core element.
  • The use of Powers for handling the miracles and spells of Priests and Wizards is discussed.

As an aid to cross-referencing, CRARG follows the same chapter structure as Hack100.

An earlier blog explains the origins of this supplement.

Feedback is most welcome ahead of the final layout work. Feel free to get in touch by commenting below, or via the Discord server, or by emailing

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