Hack100 Release 0.06 – With New Cover and Optional Rules

Here’s release 0.06 of the Hack100 rulebook. The most obvious addition is the new cover art that was introduced in an earlier blog. However, it also includes the first wave of optional rules, which have been added as an appendix. These are all non-essential to the core gameplay. Some add content that is useful for certain game genres. Others are rules or concepts that are commonly found in roleplaying games but which don’t necessarily align with the author’s vision for Hack100. However, some Referees may wish to incorporate them.

In this release we have the following optional rules:

The layout of the Optional Rules appendix is a little scrappy at the moment, but there is more content to come. It will straighten itself out as new sections are added.

I’ve also clarified a couple of aspects within the core rules:

  • That in order to be able to parry using their Melee Ability, a combatant must have an appropriate weapon or shield.
  • That when a Task Roll has a positive Difficulty Modifier, an experience check is only awarded if the successful roll is equal to or less than the Ability or Specialism (not the Modified Target Percentage).

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